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Gregg Gerlach, Doug Wilder, Chad Sorenson and Sean Mulholland have begun a Lunch-n-Learn series to cover important HR and employment law topics from each of our respective, yet related, employer advocacy niches.  By banding together, we can cover a topic multi-dimensionally, to give an employer a complete perspective.  It has been exciting for us, and we believe the our guests have all learned a lot, bringing a quite unique and full coverage that is of great benefit.  Please let us know topics of particular interest to your company or industry.  Please join us at our next Lunch-n-Learn!


Safeguarding Business from Rogue Employees

Safeguarding Your Business from a Rogue Employee

Learn from the Employers Advocacy Group as they walk you through a real-life inspired scenario where each member of the EAG worked with a client to prevent a rogue employee from harming the organization. Gain insight into how the EAG functions as a team to address legal, HR, interpersonal relationship, and digital security complications.


How do you terminate an employee legally, safely, and smoothly? The Employer Advocacy Group will guide you through the termination process. This Lunch ‘n Learn will also explore the common pitfalls of employee terminations from legal, emotional, and safety perspectives. 

Performance Management

What is Performance Management and why is its proper implementation important to your company? Our team of Employer Advocates will discuss their experiences with and solutions for ineffective or problematic performance management systems. 

#MeToo Crisis Avoidance in the Workplace

While the headlines have made sexual harassment a hashtag, and a national movement, the issue is not new. Our Team of Employer Advocates have been advising employers on how to avoid a crisis and remediate the consequences of such incidences for years. This was a popular Lunch ‘n Learn workshop that we are happy to repeat for your group, by appointment. 

Lunch 'n Learn - Post-COVID: Employer Risks and Challenges

Post-COVID: Employer Risks & Challenges

The Post-COVID workplace raises many questions for employers: How do you protect your business from possible COVID related liabilities? How do you protect the workplace from spreading the virus? Employees– work remotely or onsite? How does management lead and keep everyone productive? What new security issues are on HR’s plate? AND MANY MORE!

Hiring During Historically Low Unemployment

A growing number of our clients, throughout almost every industry group, have shared with us their frustration in not being able to find enough well-qualified employees. Our April program combines the expertise of 4 different and creative perspectives on how to find the workforce you need, even during a historically low unemployment environment. 

Workplace Violence

Violence in the workplace can take many forms. No longer is it merely Assault and Battery. Join our Employer Advocacy team of experts as they share how to remediate a bad situation and load up on the tools to avoid it altogether in our Lunch ‘n Learn series. 

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