Post-COVID Employer Risks and Challenges


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1. Networking & Zoom Login period

2. Welcome

  • Welcome to all
  • Brief Introduction of presenters
  • Overview of topic

3. Chad Sorenson – Adaptive HR Solutions

  • Protecting against community spread in the office
  • A tale of two workforces – remote vs. onsite
  • Leadership training for a new management paradigm

4. Gregg Gerlach – Gerlach Employment Law

  • Possible COVID Related Employer Liabilities

5. Dolly Penland – Business Results

  • Objective job models
  • Clear performance metrics
  • Training protocols and review
  • Ongoing communication

6. Doug Wilder – Wilder Business Success

  • Getting the team back on track
  • Managing conflicts
  • Destressing

7. Sean Mulholland – Mulholland Investigation

  • Questionable Claims
  • Cyber-Security
  • Establishing Company hot-line and encouraging participation

8. Wrap Up

9. Q&A 

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Enjoy time with old friends and take with you cutting edge strategies for protecting your Company.

Meet Our Speakers

Dolly Penland

Dolly Penland

President & CEO, Business Results

Dolly Penland, President & CEO of Business Results, a PI® Certified Partner firm, works with organizations helping them to hire and manage their talent to their highest potential. She was an award-winning freelance journalist with more than 20 years’ experience specializing in business news and advice before focusing her talents on business consultation, specializing in multiple areas including growing sales, reducing turnover and developing leaders.

Chad Sorenson

Chad Sorenson

President, Adaptive HR Solutions

Chad Sorenson works with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries on leader-ship development, performance manage-ment, employer compliance and management training. He serves as the President Elect of the HR Florida State Council, is a past president of SHRM Jacksonville, and regularly speaks to companies and industry associations on human resources, leadership development, and employee engagement topics.

Doug Wilder

Doug Wilder

President, Wilder Business Success

Doug Wilder’s purpose is to help great people repair and then thrive with their important business relationships.  He does this by listening to people, and then guiding them to happily make the right choices.  Doug works with business owners and key employees with huge potential, some who have made unfortunate choices and behaviors.

Gregg Gerlach

Gregg Gerlach

Managing Partner, Gerlach Employment Law

Gregg Gerlach is a board-certified labor relations and employment law attorney, who for over 25 years has represented employers in workplace and employee matters.  A frequent writer and speaker, Gregg’s practice includes educating employers, lawyers and human resource professionals throughout Florida on cutting edge developments in U.S. and Florida labor and employment law.

Sean Mulholland

Sean Mulholland

President, Mulholland Investigation and Security Consulting Inc.

Sean Mulholland is the President of Mulholland Investigation and Security Consulting Inc. His firm was established in 1996 and conducts a wide array of investigations and security assessments.  Sean is a retired New York City Police Sergeant and maintains close liaison with former law enforcement colleagues and all of the local law enforcement agencies.

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July 29, 2020

11:30 am
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